A fraternity of friendship with power, poise and purpose. Power - the power of friendship in human relationship. Poise - the steadiness of friendship at all times. Purpose - to keep the balance of friendship active in our daily lives.

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History and Charter Members



Sponsored by the Gyro Club of Leaside
and the Gyro Club of Port Colborne.



It all started back in 1972 when Bruce Poll, a member of the Port Colborne Gyro Club was transferred to Toronto.  His initial responsibility with his job kept him busy, but having been a member of the Port Colborne Gyro Club for several years, Gyro was never out of his thoughts.

Before leaving Port Colborne, he had resolved to start a new Gyro Club in Toronto's west end.  He talked Gyro to everyone he met and gradually put together a list of prospective candidates for that new club that had been his dream.  The new club was chartered in March of 1972 with twenty-three young men on the document.  Since many of these young men were from Mississauga and the Oakville areas, it was felt that the name should be a derivative of its birthplace, Etobicoke, and not the actual name of the city, which at that time was still a a suburb of Toronto.



Little did I realize back in November of 1971, when I first invited a fine group of local gentlemen to my home to hear what Gyro was all about, that I would be so pleased with such valued fellowship for the next thirty-five years.  The evening of our charter in March, 1972 will be remembered as the first of two milestones in my Gyro life.  The second was the honour instilled upon me in 1988 as International President of this great International Friendship organization.

Bruce Poll I was also extremely proud of our Etobian Funseekers Club.  It all started back in 1967 while I was a member of the Port Colborne Gyro Club and Chairman of Membership.  Back in those days the members were always selected by the famous black ball method.  As Chairman of Membership, I was not in favour of the black ball, it was old fashioned and out of date.  I asked the Board of Directors if I could arrange for some group travel and invite potential members along with our own members in our Funseeker Holidays.

It was an instant success and over 27 years we have enjoyed travel to almost every part of the world.  To date, we have had twenty-two trips with 1609 Gyros, Gyrettes and friends participating and I am proud to say Gyro Funseekers have introduced some 52 members into our great Fraternity of Friends.

In 1967, we orgnized our first trip over the Thanksgiving weekend and travelled by bus with 38 Gyros and friends to New York City.  We stayed at the Piccadilly Hotel, cocktail pary every night, saw the Ed Sullivan show, toured the city, for an all inclusive price of $150 Canadian funds.  Since 1967 the Gyros Funseekers have been going non-stop.  On every Gyro Funseeker Holiday, our now famous Gyro Funseeker cocktail parties, with a variety of food and entertainment has been the secret of our success.

The total cost to participate in the 22 Funseeker Holidays would have cost $46,652 per couple.  The other interesting statistic, the Funseekers have entrusted in me, the handling of over one million of their money over the 27 year period.

I invite all men of good character to visit with us in the Etobian Gyro Club.

Bruce J. Poll,
Founder of the Etobian Gyro Club and
Past International President


Charter Members

Maurice Arless
Norman Brown*
Earle Corbett
William Eaton*
John Enright
Remo Ferracutti
Erwin Fritze
Ken Hillis
Ed Hudson
George Jakolev
Mario Mainelli
Robert McCron
Gearold McNeill
Frank McPhee*
John Phillion
Bruce Poll
George Prange
Robert Robson
Sam Ruscetta
Eric Russell
Howard Sharpe*
Warren Smith
Harry Sutton

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